Posted on: 13 Jul, 2018

Modified on: 13 Jul, 2018

By Fr. Prem Xalxo SJ

ROME 12 JULY 2018
Johny Kujur and Nirmal Minj, two Ranchi Scholastics arrived in Rome on 11 July by Alitalia to pursue their theological studies at Gregorian University. Edwin Ritesh and Ravi Hemant extended a warm and cordial welcome to Johny and Nirmal at the Airport. Immediately, after their arrival in International College of Gesù, Ravi presented them to R.P. Rector, who received them cordially and instructed them to begin their language class as early as possible. They will have to register themselves immediately with the Home Ministry Police for the Stay Permit.

In the evening, Edwin Ritesh and Ravi Hemant left for Ranchi by Air India after successfully completing their three years’ of theological studies at Gregorian University. They had rich and profound experiences in Gesù Community in the company of 16 other Scholastics from different Provinces, who completed their studies together and were ordained Deacons together on 3 April 2018. Both of them had chosen a theme for their final dissertation, which could be very useful and relevant for their future ministry. Under the guidance of Prem, Ravi wrote on “Sacrament of Marriage as Symbol of God’s Divine Love”; whereas Edwin wrote on “Human Person, created in Love to Love: The Moral Implications of Christian Theological Anthropology”. On the last day, although both of them had to leave for Ranchi, they heartily decided to go to the Airport to receive Johny and Nirmal, who will definitely fill the gap created by their departure from Gesù Community.

We wish Edwin Ritesh and Ravi Hemant every success in their future ministry as Lecturers in St. Xavier’s College, Ranchi and St. Xavier's College, Simdega respectively. And to Johny and Nirmal, Good Luck for their theological studies in Rome!

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