Posted on: 1 May, 2017

Modified on: 1 May, 2017

By Fr. Prem Xalxo SJ

ROME 26 APRIL 2017
Ajay Prakash Minj, our acting Province Treasurer, arrived in Rome after having a safe and pleasant journey by Air India. Anselm, Sanjay Dilip and Kulwant were present at the airport to welcome him. The flight was on time; but passing through Immigration Desk and Luggage Lounge took some time before he could come out. He was warmly received by the Ranchi men. In the Curia, he was accorded a cordial welcome by Charles Lasrado (KAR), coordinator of the Workshop for the new Treasurers.
The Workshop will begin on 1 May and conclude on 5 May. The Workshop will be a good opportunity for the new Treasurers to study and deepen Our Way of Proceeding on Temporal Administration. The focus of the Workshop will be on Statutes on Poverty and Instructions on Administration of Goods.
All the best to Ajay Prakash for a fruitful and enriching stay in Rome!

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