Ranchi Jesuits

A Province of Society of Jesus in South Asia Assistancy

Aim of India Desk

In the light of our historical cooperation (since 1859), of the universal mission of the Society of Jesus, and of the worldwide globalisation the Indo-European Desk seeks to foster communication, exchange, information, interaction between people, organizations, SJ of Ranchi-Assam/ MAP provinces and friends, Jesuits, benefactors, organisations in Belgium/Europe.

What it seeks to do

By fostering personal contact between individuals, schools, organizations in Belgium/Europe and in India. (1) By fostering faith-sharing, cultural exchange and mutual knowledge: "Much we can learn from each other" (2) By twinning of schools, parishes, NGOs, organizations, etc. (3) Through Live-In Journeys of groups of students to and fro either side. (4) By organizing "journeys-with-a-purpose" to India and to Belgium: e.g. "in the footsteps of Fr Lievens", "cultural exchange", "know each other", "visiting my family abroad", (5) By finding people and funds in Belgium/Europe and in India for small people-oriented projects (6) By working hand in hand with the Province development Directors (7) By exchanging information: e.g. the Ranchi Calling New Year's letter, the India Day held in Drongen every two years alternatively for those who have been on Live In Journeys and for people who are interested in India/the Lievens Mission. (8) Through intensive personal and electronic contact. India Desk is presently shifting from the old model to the modern way.

A brief History

There has been a MISSION OFFICE in Brussels (Belgium) since the beginning of its missions in Congo and in India. This has been the main channel between Belgium/Europe and these Belgian missions abroad for all kinds of services. For various reasons this link between India and Brussels had weakened over the years, and in 2009 it became clear that on the Belgian side there was no strength to take any more full responsibility for this office. From Indian side however there was a desire and a need to continue and even to strengthen this link : (1) For financial reasons in the light of the rapid expansion (2) For cultural reasons e.g. in the light of globalisation and the Society's Universal Mission For emotional reasons e.g. "are we not one family?" Hence the INDO-EUROPEAN DESK was installed on 1 January 2010 with Fr Aurel Brys sj as its director.