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The Ranchi Jesuits Website made mobile friendly

Posted on: 4 Jun, 2019 Modified on: 29 May, 2019

By Francis David Kullu

Ranchi:It is officially being announced that the website of the Ranchi Jesuits is made device compatible. It is a good news for all those readers and followers of the Ranchi Jesuits’ website that now they will not have to depend on the laptop or desktop to view the website. They can easily and quite comfortably view the website in their smart phones. Just try and see in your smart phones provided you have Net Data pack!

In recent times one of the basic characteristics of a good website is that it should be mobile friendly. So far the said website was not mobile or device compatible.

The ranjesu.org was launched some eleven years ago under the leadership of late Fr Ranjit Pascal Toppo, SJ. Fr Ranjit as the Provincial of Ranchi Jesuits had seen the importance of website and he had shown a very personal keen interest in it. There after it has continued to survive, though its constant maintenance and update has been a concern over the years.

Francis David, a fresh graduate in management from Loyola Institute of Business Administration, shares that the digital presence of any company or organization is a must. “Companies and organizations so heavily depend on websites for their business and marketing activities. Websites are need of the time to promote one’s company and organizational values and activities.”

“Two of the important things I learnt during my courses in LIBA is Data Analytics and Web analytics” shares David. He says, “Nowadays all the websites are made mobile friendly! Though ranjesu.org was not mobile friendly, the top devices used to view this site was desktop (53%), mobile (45.9%) and Tablet (1.1%).” Modern trend says that more and more people view the website in their mobiles itself. The ranjesu.org is tagged with google analytics and data is taken from there.

Hope with this new feature of the ranjesu.org the number of visitors to it will increase on daily basis.

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