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Xavier Lakra, Bypass Heart Surgery

Posted on: 14 Aug, 2019 Modified on: 14 Aug, 2019

By Fr Medard Xalxo, SJ

Sadbhavna, Ranchi: Fr. Xavier Lakra, SJ is undergoing bypass heart surgery on 14 August in Kerala at Rajagiri hospital. Kindly remember him in your prayers. The latest update written by Xavier, "Here is my medical update.
This is the latest update from Rajagiri Hospital .
on 11 August there was TMT test and doctor told me there is serious
blockage in your heart. Then to find out more about it they asked me
to go through Angiography.
In this test also they found out that my heart has 60-70% blockage.
Yesterday I went for the check up at 4.30 p.m. and came back 11.00
p.m. from the ICU to my room. Before that my sister Cecil ,who is my
attendant,was told by the doctors that your brother has to go through
heart operation because there are 60-70 % blockage. We have to clear
it then only can we opertethe leg. Cecil contacted Drs. Charles Kujur
in Kerala and Edward Kerketta in Jharkhand and informed the family
Today morning 13 August I talked to Fr. Provincial Joseph Marianus
Kujur and I informedhim aobut the heart surgery.
He asked me whether this hospital is good and good doctors are there.
I told him there are good doctors and it is one of good hospitals in
I said yes. Meanwhile Dr. Charles Kujur came from Bharnamghanann to
Rajagiri Hospital and he consulted his friends doctors and all of them
suggested to go for .the BYPASS HEART SURGERY.
Then I informed to Fr. Provincial Marianus Kujur about this and he
told me to go ahead.
Therefore tomorrow 14 August I will go through the BYPASS Heat Surgery.
They will take me for the surgery at 08.30 am and I may be out of the
operation theatre by 3.30 pm.
Kindly keep me in your Prayers.
With a grateful heart and united in prayer".
Fr. Xavier Lakra, S.J.

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