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Doctors' Mass

Posted on: 24 Sep, 2019 Modified on: 24 Sep, 2019

By Ashok Ohol

Ranchi: 22 September 2019

In view of getting out of the tight routine and spend time together as medical professionals, the Ranchi Doctors organise some group activities from time to time. This time it organized a Mass together for all the doctors.

Sixteen doctors participated with their spouses and children. Being busy professionals, all cannot participate at one time. The children were very active. They, on their own, took up Mass readings and some of them chose to lead the choir. It was nice to hear their melodious voices as they sang the hymns in unison and keeping a good rhythm.

We could vividly see the doctors relaxing as they informally chat with each other while the children enjoyed the going around the building and playing their usual hide and seek game.

We all sang "Rejoice in the Lord always" before we said the grace prior to the breakfast. The jubilant mood prevailed all throughout the gathering until the end.

In an informal chatting, among the other issues and topics, we also discussed our next medical camp. Many voiced that Torpa needs more medical attention. Hence we all decided to hold the next medical camp at Torpa. Due to the festivities, the earliest it could be only held on 10 November 2019.

The breakfast Meet ending with a happy note.

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