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JCSA Meeting 21 October 2019

Posted on: 24 Oct, 2019 Modified on: 24 Oct, 2019

By Fr Ajay Soreng

Manresa House, Ranchi JCSA meeting of the Provincials and the resource persons took place at Manresa House, Ranchi at 5.30 pm on 21 October 2019. From the gate of Manresa House the Archbishop Felix Toppo, SJ and all the Provincials who had arrived at Manresa House, were welcomed to the quadrangle of the main entrance of the Manresa building. In welcome the Panki dancers from Bero, Dighia Khaksitoli, owned by the brother of Padmashree Simon Oraon, showed their artistic sword dance with rhythmic steps to the music played by their three oval shaped wooden big drums and two long Turhi (bugles) blared away rending the air with their shrill sound. The passersby peeped in the gate to see what was happening inside. After ten minutes the Panki dancers stopped and the students of St. Johnís High School, boys and girls took over the welcome procession with their tribal dances draped in red bordered white saris and ushered the guests in to the entrance of the Manresa door. Three items of tribal dances were presented to the guests. Thereafter, the feet and hands of the dignitaries were washed and wiped as a sign of acceptance into the tribal family. A bundi each was presented to the dignitaries by Fr. Provincial Joseph Marianus Kujur, SJ. followed by a brief by him. His Grace gave a message to the gathering covering on the spirituality of St. Ignatius of Loyola and an input about Jharkhand state and the state of the church in Chotanagpur.

His Grace Archbishop Felix Toppo, SJ and the following Provincials and resource persons were present: Fr. Lisbert DíSouza, SJ, General Assistant (Bombay Province), Fr. Vernon DíCunha, SJ, General Assistant (Bombay Province), Fr. George Pattery, SJ, POSA (Calcutta Province), Fr. John Guiney, SJ, Resource person (Ireland),Ms Michelle Hennessy, Resource person (Ireland), Fr. William Keith, SJ, Socius to POSA (Gujarat Province), Fr. Joseph Marianus Kujur, SJ, (Ranch Province), Fr. Arun DíSouza, SJ, (Bombay Province),Fr. Raphael Hyde, SJ, (Calcutta Province), Fr. Denis Ponniah, SJ, (Madura Province), Fr. Francis Parmar, SJ, (Gujurat Province), Fr. Donald J. Miranda, SJ, (Patna Province), Fr. Roland Coelho, SJ, (Goa Province), Fr. Dexter Gray, SJ, (Srilanka Province), Fr. Santosh Minj, SJ, (Hazaribag Province), Fr. Amrit Rai, SJ, (Nepal Regional Superior), Fr. Wilfred John Lobo, SJ, (Darjeeling Province), Fr. Melvil Pereira, SJ, Kohima Regional Superior), Fr. George Fernandes, SJ, (Jamshedpur Province), Fr. Mathew Elanjipuram, SJ (Kerala Province), Fr. Vargheese Pallipalakatt, SJ, (Dumka Raiganj Province), Fr. Amalraj Paramsivan, SJ, (Andhra Pradesh Province), Fr. Ranjit Tigga, SJ, (Madhya Pradesh Province), Fr. Durai Fernand, SJ, (New Provincial Gujarat), Fr. Andrew Fernandes, SJ, (Pune Province), Fr. Jeerakassery Sebbstian, SJ, (Delhi Province), Fr. Stanislaus DíSouza, SJ, (Karnataka Province), Fr. Joy Karayampurum, SJ, (Resource person), Fr. Francis Minj, SJ, (Resource person).

The last, but the most important item, was the unveiling of the statue of Fr. Sylvain Grosjean, SJ (1846-1915) who was the 7th Superior Regular of the West Bengal Mission and whose vision and dream for Chotanagpur established the Chotanagpur Church on a firm and solid foundation. He bought the vast Manresa property for Rs. 8000/- in 1886, built Manresa residence roofed bungalow where now the infirmary stands, built St. Maryís Cathedral in 1909, started and built the Ranchi Apostolic School with 8 students in 1903, boosted St. Johnís School and Ranchi Parish and who sent Fr. Constant Lievens and Fr. John Baptist Hoffmann to Chotanagpur. Today the church has grown enormously. The statue was unveiled by His Grace Archbishop Felix Toppo, SJ, Fr. Lisbert DíSouza, SJ, Generl Assistant, Fr. Vernon DíCunha, SJ, General Assistant, Fr. George Pattery, SJ, POSA, and Fr. Joseph Marianus Kujur, SJ, Ranchi Provincial.
Thereafter, the Provincials had their first session in the Conference Hall of Manresa House.

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