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Blessing of the newly built Church

Posted on: 29 Oct, 2019 Modified on: 29 Oct, 2019

By Fr Ajay Soreng

Kanke Parish, on 27 Oct. 2019 Ready with the Holy Mass apparel, His Grace Felix Toppo, SJ, and His Lordship Telesphore Bilung, SVD, the con-celebrating priests in albs and the Mahila Sangh in their red bordered white sari, the entrance hymn with dance and drums accompanying, began the Holy Eucharistic Celebration at 8.30 am on 27 October 2019 at the Catholic Church, Kanke. The occasion was the solemn blessing of the newly built church on the first floor, all with generous contributions by the local parishioners. The church was packed with the faithful and the equal number of them witnessed the Holy Mass on the screen in the hall below the church on the ground floor.

The blessing of the holy water, anointing of the Altar, installing of the Tabernacle, lighting twelve earthen lamps and placing them at various strategic locations inside the church, an atmosphere of all devotion and eager enthusiasm, the Archbishop began the Holy Mass in solemnly intoning “In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit” in Hindi.

The Arsande Regional Theologate students together with the local youth led the devotional choir. Meticulous arrangements for every next step had been foreseen and planned out. The Catholic Sabha, Mahila Sangh and Youth members were alert and briskly moving about for every ritual of the ceremony. The faithful cooperated generously with their silence and joyous looks at the happenings. After all it was in a life time for many to witness the blessing of a new church. The religious Sisters were in their various Congregational habits present in about 70 to 80 in number and 53 con-celebrating priests surrounded the consecrated altar.

Pouring the Chrisma oil at 6 places on the Altar, spreading it to all four corners of it, wiping it with a clean white cloth so as not to allow any oily stain remain on it, a relic of the remains of St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta was installed at the centre of the Altar, spreading a clean thick white good plastic upon it and finally the altar cloth well spread upon, four candles and two plates decorated with multi-coloured flowers were placed at the fore of it, the Altar was consecrated and ready to offer the Eucharist of the Lord on. The final ritual was by all the con-celebrating priests to go along the four walls of the church and mark the sign of the cross on them at certain distances as a symbol of laying hands and blessing it as when we lay our hands upon the head of a deacon before his ordination. A sign of blessing to the Church!

The parish priest Fr. Elias Kullu, SJ, and the assistant Parish priest Fr. Ignatius Minj, SJ, were both equally behind the whole ritual, ceremony and functions of the day bearing all the joys and aches of the grand blessing function of the church.

The usual Eucharist followed thereafter and it ended with a solemn blessing by the two Bishops. Some 5 thousand faithful witnessed the whole ceremony on the occasion.

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