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Final vows of Fr. Anugrah Amar Bage, SJ & Fr. Sanjay Dilip Ekka, SJ

Posted on: 10 Dec, 2019 Modified on: 10 Dec, 2019

By Fr Ajay Soreng

Manresa House, Ranchi, 8 Dec. 2019 The last vows of Fr. Anugrah Amar Bage, SJ, and Fr. Sanjay Dilip Ekka, SJ, took place at 5.00 pm at Manresa House, Ranchi, on 8 December 2019. About a 100 Jesuit Fathers and Brothers gathered for the ceremony. The family members and relatives of Fr. Amar counted about 150 and that of Fr. Sanjay about 60. Local Religious Sisters, such as the Ursulines, St. Anne’s and a few members of other congregations attended the Holy Eucharist. Fr. Provincial Joseph Marianus Kujur, SJ, led the Holy Eucharist flanked by Fr. Amar to the right and Fr. Sanjay and Fr. Rector Amrit Lakra to the left.

Fr. Anugrah Amar Bage, SJ, was born on 6 April 1972, entered the Society on 17 August 1991, ordained priest on 18 January 2006, final vows on 8 December 2019. Fr. Sanjay Dilip Ekka, SJ, was born on 1 July 1976, entered the Society on 28 June 1996, ordained priest on 7 January 2010, final vows on 8 December 2019.

In his homily Fr. Provincial underlined the theme: “Be not afraid for I am with you to deliver you.” These two young men of our province are tested mettles to work abroad – Fr. Sanjay in Rome in the Vatican Radio which is not so easy to fulfill the international expectations and quality. He may have a lot of difficulties in fulfilling the demands. Yet, he is bald and courageous to face these challenges and is managing well the whole of the India Section. Fr. Amar Bage, a missionary in Guyana which is a tough and arduous task as there are fewer means of road transport, long distances, flying by 12 seater aircraft is troublesome because of rough weather and less facilities according to the modern standards. Yet, Fr. Amar has acclimatized himself with the weather and the mission that he is easily moving about and doing great jobs successfully and comfortably. Through our final vows we surrender everything to the Lord we may have owned or have possessed, if we were at home.
A felicitation programme followed the Holy Mass with Fr. Fredrick Kujur, SJ, conducting it. Donning them with bundis and shawls and a melodious song by the Scholastics was the fitting start. The family members of both the Fathers presented an item each very endearingly, affectionately and with much gusto. Br. Blacius steered the kitchen efficiently, without any commotion or confusion, smoothly spreading on the table as hoped all juicy and tasty varied dishes of mutton, chicken, etc. About a total of 450 guests relished the dinner and still there was enough and more for everybody. A jubilant day was over with a satisfying mood!

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