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Handing over the office of the Principal of St. Xavier's School, Doranda.

Posted on: 4 Jun, 2020 Modified on: 4 Jun, 2020

By Fr Ajay Soreng

St. Xavier's School, Doranda, dated 30 May 2020 The handing over of the office of the Principal of St. Xavier's School, Doranda, took place at 7.00 pm on 30 May 2020 in the Jesuit community of the school. Fr. Ajit Kr. Xess, SJ, the Principal of the school, now become the Provincial of Ranchi Province explained, showed and handed over the important school and land documents to Fr. Sanjay Kerketta, SJ, the new Principal. The documents handed over were: 1) The school affiliation certificate, 2) School Registration of the Societies, 3) Memorandum of the Societies, 4) High School land lease papers, 5) Primary School land papers, 6) Dibadih land papers,7) Vision 2020 building Project papers, the DOX agreement papers and a few other papers.

All these took place in the presence of Fr. Socius Raymond Kerketta, Fr. Britius Ekka, Fr. Vijay Monohar Tirkey, Fr. Ajay Soreng, Fr. Ignatius Lakra, Superior of St. Xavier's Doranda, Fr. Fuldeo Soreng, Fr. Brice Bilung. However, the keys and one vital document were handed over before the altar of the chapel during the evening prayer which followed.

We thank profusely Fr. Ajit Kr Xess for running the school for 24 years efficiently and wish all success to Fr. Sanjay Kerketta for higher goals ahead.

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