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Our Founder's Day 2020

Posted on: 31 Jul, 2020 Modified on: 31 Jul, 2020

By Vinod Sushil Soreng

Satya Nilayam, Chenna: July 31, 2020 "Corona is only 19 but our father Ignatius is 20", was the spirit and the theme of our founder's day celebration, here in Satya Nilayam, Chennai. With all the Indian Scholastics back in their respective provinces because of the ever threatening pandemic, Covid-19, with the presence of a sizable number of our International students from East Timor, East Africa and Bangladesh, together with the teaching faculty and the administrative staff, our celebration of the founder's day was a low key and a very simple affair. The solemn morning Eucharist was presided over by Fr. Boniface Panna, the Rector of the house and a very well prepared liturgy and singing was looked after by our young Scholastics in the campus. While breaking the Word of God, Fr. Boniface underlined the courage, tenacity and resilience that epitomized our father Ignatius during the testing times of his life. His spirit, his legacy, and his burning love for Christ and the universal church, His spouse, have all galvanized the same spirit and zeal in the sons of this noble knight, to stand our ground and lead the fight against this horrendous evil, the pandemic, to the best of our abilities. Through our small efforts in our own communities across India and across the globe, we have all, as true sons of Ignatius, tried to reach out to the unreached. There is fire in our belly still, and it is the same fire keeps burning in us, moving us to do the battle for Christ, paving the way for good health, happiness, hope and peace in the midst of human-made chaos and natural disasters. Fr. Rector pointed out that it is a great feeling to be aware that we are still relevant as frontier men, ready to make a difference in the church in particular and human society in general. This is so, because the legacy of our father Ignatius lives on, moves all of us and guides our steps.
The community hosted a fellowship meal this afternoon for our all our supporting staff, who are still active in the campus, the kitchen staff, security staff, maintenance staff and the library staff. In normal circumstances, we would have had all their families as well, but owing to the alarming pace with which Covid-19 is enveloping the city, we decided to keep the number limited. In the evening, we had all Jesuit fellowship, which was much simpler but a very good one. May the spirit of our father Ignatius keep all men of ours, wherever they are, under God's care and may the spirit of much greater service, the "Magis", so profoundly lived and exercised by him, inspire you all to reach out to the unreached. Please keep us in your prayers as we continue to battle against the pandemic in the city, that often seems invincible and catastrophic.

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