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Posted on: 14 Jan, 2022 Modified on: 14 Jan, 2022

By Fr Ashok Sandil, SJ

St. Mary’s Church Bardih, Gumla: 13 January 2022 The restriction in number of participants in the celebrations as per Covid protocol, the fear of unexpected checking by Government officials and the effect of sudden change into chilling weather due to previous day’s heavy rain brought tensed mood in the joyous and smiling faces of the faithful at Bardih this morning. This was the day to be marked as the ordination day of Dn. Johny Kujur SJ of the Society of Jesus, Ranchi Province. The outdoor decorations went blue as the rain spoiled its colorful and attractive presentation. The whole parish campus looked uninhibited as Fr. Provincial’s vehicle made its way through around 7.15 A.M.

However, the Sun did not betray today. It changed the mood of the people with its brightness by 8.30 A.M. when the Holy Mass began. Dn. Johny Kujur SJ was led to the altar by his brother Matasharan Kujur and sister Pratima Kujur with the entrance dance ‘Newta delain Ishwar Aaba bolalain naam dhair ke’ in tribal tune by a group of girls. The ordaining prelate, His Lordship Vincent Barwa DD, Bishop of Simdega, the Jesuit Provincial, R. P. Ajit Kumar Xess, SJ, the Diocesan Administrator Rev. Linus Pingal Ekka and the Parish Priest Fr. Patrick Xalxo SJ along with 28 Priests and 1 Deacon followed to the altar. Fr. Manohar Toppo SJ, as Master of Ceremony, brought up a brief life sketch and recounted the journey of Dn. Johny Kujur SJ to the priesthood. He mentioned that Dn. Johny was the youngest among 7 brothers and sisters – 4 brothers and 3 sisters – in the family. Fr. Patrick Xalxo SJ, the Parish Priest, welcomed the dignitaries, guests and the faithful formally and invited His Lordship Vincent Barwa DD to lead entire congregation gathered for the occasion through the Sacerdotal Liturgy.

Dn. Johny’s Bhabhi (Sister-in-law) and Jija (Brother-in-law) read the First and the Second Reading respectively. Dn. Johny himself read the Gospel. The Bishop in his preaching reminded the faithful about the challenging role of Prophet Jeremiah in boosting the morale of the Israelites in their difficult time in Babylon. Later, in the light of the Second Reading from the Book of Hebrews, he exhorted Dn. Johny to live a holy life, to follow the Commandments as per ordination maxim – “I have loved you, abide in my love” (Jn. 15:9) and to remember “You are a priest forever in the priestly order of Melchizedek” (Heb. 5:6).

Dn. Johny Kujur SJ is now Fr. Johny Kujur SJ. We have witnessed it when His Lordship Vincent Barwa conferred on him the sacerdotal rites and rituals in the august presence of the faithful of Bardih and the guests present for the occasion.
The entire ceremony lasted for more than 2 hours and a half as it ended around 11.10 A.M. A spectacular felicitation followed immediately after it in the Church itself. Fr. Provincial in his felicitation message recalled his good feelings during his diaconate days back in 1998 at Bardih. He thanked God for Fr. Johny who is first fruit of this year as ordained priest to Ranchi Province. He thanked also the family members for giving Fr. Johny to the Society of Jesus for the service of God and humanity. He, on behalf of Ranchi Province, expressed his sentiments of gratitude to Bishop Vincent Barwa DD, Fr. Linus Pingal Ekka, Fr. Patrick Xalxo and the clergy, the faithful and the well-wishers who made the day meaningful and memorable.

The ceremony culminated with the bhoj – the festive meal – prepared by the parishioners for the gathering, and soon after that the baton of the celebration was passed on to the villagers of Puri, the native village of Fr. Johny, for the First Mass and social imposts thereafter.

Reported by,
Fr. Ashok Sandil SJ
Secretary to the Provincial

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