Ranchi Jesuits

A Province of Society of Jesus in South Asia Assistancy

Email Directory
S.NO. Name Email Id Type
1 Jaecques Raymond raymondjaecques@yahoo.co.uk Personal
2 brys Aurel aurelsj@yahoo.com Personal
3 Sylverius Chermako sylusj@rediffmail.com Personal
4 Dang Edwin dangedwin@gmail.com Personal
5 Francis David Kullu frdavidsj@gmail.com Personal
6 Horo Emmanuel horomanu@yahoo.co.in Personal
7 Peter Claver Lakra lakrapclaver@gmail.com Personal
8 Ekka Alexius alexekka@yahoo.com Personal
9 Bara Shailendra shail.bara@sify.com Personal
10 ekka cyprian cypeksj@yahoo.co.in Personal
11 Erenius Toppo erentoppo@gmail.com Personal
12 De Brouwer Marc gramuth@inranchi.com Personal
13 Dierchkx Vincent jrscam@inranchi.com Personal
14 Bilung Vinod bilung_v@rediffmail.com Personal
15 Delporte Anthony devdes2@rediffmail.com Personal
16 Barla Gilbet gilbertbarlasj@hotmail.com Personal
17 Fr. Ranjit Walter Lakra, S.J. ranlakra@gmail.com Personal
18 De Brouwer Christian c_debrouwer@hotmail.com Personal
19 Breye Erik erikbreye@yahoo.co.uk Personal
20 Barla Henry henrysj@jesuits.net Personal
21 Beck Milianus milibeck@yahoo.com Personal
22 Edwin Ritesh Dungdung riteshedwin@gmail.com Personal
23 Dang Telesphore telesproransj@jesuits.net Personal
24 Ekka Clement ekkaclem@hotmail.com Personal
25 D'Souza Gilbert gilbertransj@rediffmail.com Personal
26 ekka John johnekkasj@rediffmail.com Personal
27 Manresa House, Ranchi Treasurer manresatre@yahoo.com Institution
28 Dhurwa, Prabhat Tara pts_community@yahoo.co.in Institution
29 Ranchi, Manresa Rector manresa_rec@yahoo.co.in Institution
30 Ranchi St Xavier's College rch_sxc3res@sancharnet.in Institution
31 Boreya, Tarunoday tarunsj1883@yahoo.co.in Institution
32 Gumla, St. Ignatius High School ihs2003@sancharnet.com Institution
33 Manresa House,Ranchi, Minister manresamin@yahoo.com Institution
34 Doranda, St. Xavier's sxdorranchi@rediffmail.com Institution
35 Ranchi, Manresa collegians juniors@rediffmail.com Institution
36 Catholic Press, Ranchi catholic_press@yahoo.in Institution
37 Xavier Publication, Ranchi xp_ranchi@yahoo.in Social Centre/ Orgnaization
38 Gumla Arouse arouppvn@inranchi.com Social Centre/ Orgnaization