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Question for our Education Institutions

Posted on: 4 Jun, 2019|Modified on: 1 Dec, 2014

By Anand Mutungal

AN ARTICLE By Fr. Anand Muttungal

Here I would like to share with you an article written by Fr. Anand Muttungal of Bhopal. I found it very thought provoking. He invites for real soul searching to all those who are running the schools/colleges/ educational institutions

Since this eye opening relfections comes from a Priest, a spokesperson in state level he has raised very important points for reflection with regard to the management of schools and the attitudes of headmasters. He wishes that the points mentioned should be shared with as many people as possible. So I share it with you gladly and freely.

I think I can make a kind request through you for the soul searching reflection at Ranchi province level seeing the situation in Orissa and in general in India. I know jesuits and their education policy yet a few points raised here valid to ponder over.

I propose a few concrete steps where the matters of this reflection can be read, shared, discussed for effective solutions and long term strategies.


1- Put the whole message in your RANCHI JESUIT WEBSITE

2- Send a copy of this reflection to the Person in-charge of Province Education Commission and get his views.

3- The content of the letter could be read, reflected in the meetings of all the Jesuit headmasters and principals either in province level or Zonal level.

With gratitude for your cooperation and good wishes
Looking forward for your comment and views

KAMAL rome

"The Almighty Principles Left Alone with None"

By Fr. Anand Muttungal

(The writer is the PRO & Spokesperson for the Catholic Church in Madhya
Pradesh but this article is his personal view.)

I am forced to highlight the plight of the so called 'Almighty
Principals' who run the catholic schools while they are being assulted. The schools are really run in the name of the Christians but the Christians are treated as extra burden to the School. Almost all these 'powerful priciples' have some general traits such as arrogance , pride and an inconcealable effort to hide their incompetency. They fix one hour for parents to interact with them. We must remember that there may be students between two thousand to four thousand. They are never available on phone, do not pick up mobile phones, make people wait for hours etc. are very normal for them. We can judge from the way of their administration that majority of them have become principal just because they belong to the class of priests, brothers and nuns. Their competency in managerial skills is under question. It has put into them a rare variety of pride mixed with disrespect for people and christian lay leaders in particular. It has become an identity of
these priciples.
They try to boast their acquaintance with the powerful administrative offcials, leaders, journalists etc. They feel that they can do everything under the sun. But what surprises is that their advisers are printers, publishers, stationary sellers, contractors, peons, drivers and in
some cases one or two incompetent teachers. They very often shun admission
requests from senior officials, senior leaders etc. but the Hawaldar of the
local police station, corporator of the area, local leaders of antisocial
organizations etc. get a number of admissions every year. They do not grant even a single admission to the Christian lay leaders who fight day and night for their protection and the rights of Christians. They argue that the lay christian leaders should only ask for their children but a good percentage of admissions are distributed to whomever they want. A good
number of them are sold by those who use their acquaintance with the
principal. This has tarnished the image of the Christian community very badly.

Whenever an attack take place in any of the schools, we do not find
any one standing with these almighty principles. They are left with none. No high level contacts come in their support. They sit alone inside the police station waiting for their release. We find a good number of Christian leaders whom they did not allow to get inside the principles' office are waiting out side to safegurd them. Could there be a greater fall than this for these almioghty principles?

It is very heart-rending to hear the plight of the Principle of one
of the Schools attacked in Bhopal. He is the principle of over thousand
children, member of the Sahodaya Organization, ( Organization of the CBSE
Schools), Inter-diocesan Catholic School Association of Madhya Pradesh,
Archdiocesan Catholic School Association and Member of the Archdiocesan
Prysbetry Council. There was no members of his gallery of assoications to
stand with him for five hours inside the police station. Except the
Archbishop of Bhopal who waited hours in the school premises for his return
from custody and show his paternal love no priests, brothers or sisters came to share his sadness. What hanppened to these spiritual beings who offers and participates in the Holy Eucharist and prayers every day. Is it the spirituality of Lord Jesus who died on the Cross ?

I do remember the strong objection of the priests , brothers and
some nuns about the purpose of founding Madhya Pradesh Isai Mahasangh. Even
though it is a socio-cultural organization, it was called a political outfit and refused to associate with it. They strongly argued against making anouncements in the Churches to encourage people to join its programmes to support the Christian community in the state. I feel proud to say that it was the members of this organization that lead the Church in dealing with all troubles in the state. Members of this organization stood with the principle from the time of his attack to his bail from the Court. It is to be asked here the Question of Lord Jesus, Who is your neighbour ?

It is the right time the priciples, the parish priests and Church officials make right approach to the lay leadership in the Church. The issue comes up here because they do not seem to have grasped their role in the larger society. They probably still believe that they solely hold 'the key to the kingdom of God.'

The world needs to be seen as one unified unit. We have been given
the duty to make this world in to a beatiful place for people to live. Evry one is given a role in the process, Prime Ministerm to peons have a very distinct role. The role of the Spiritual leader is to help the world to live in peace and harmony. So that the creation of the Lord progresses
uninterupted. If the spiritual leader understands it then his / her out
look to the world too takes a new shape. How long this arrogance and pride
will go on in the administration ? How long the Christian lay leaders will
bear the insult and injustice at the hands of these "Almighty Principles"
and stand with them in their moments of trouble?

NB: Your opinions are welcome send to mppro2@yahoo.com (Forward this
article to as many as possible)